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Mirrors is one of my favorite tracks because I really like the rock vibe in the hook and the guitar really speaks to me in it . I like how I was able to show the versatility in my creativity and really make the most of the flow to the beat .



Mindset perfectly describes the ups and downs of being an artist. One minute the momentum is so intense you feel like you're the next one up and then situations like Covid come and shut down all the planning and hard work you put in the year before. It sometimes feels like your back at square one or that maybe it’s the end but then you dig deep and push through to create a different path with a new destination. The whole seems to change and I'm always changing.



Long Shot is a very special song to me because it features my 16 year old son Karter Aka Promise . Listening to the growth in him musically and watching him grow in all other aspects of life gives me hope and determination that anything is possible and even though it may be a long shot, when you're with the ones you love, anything is possible 


The U.S. Legacy Tour

With the help of Atlas Star Records and Raw Star Entertainment, we will be bringing fire with us as we light up every stage, up and down the East coast of the U.S.A. Dates coming soon!

Wes Paul is an absolute chemist when it comes to laying down vocals. Give him any beat and he'll kill it.

Joe Gallagher Jr. CEO Atlas Star Records